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I admit it...I fell for this woman's lies and her scam. Maybe I can save a few of you some money.

Jeri called me, one day, and claimed I won a date with one of "the top singles" in the area. She told me that every woman in her book had to pay to be in the book and that Jeri was authorized by these women to set them up with a man that she (Jeri) felt was a good connection.

I had seen something advertised like this, when I have flown on several airlines. I thought it was the same kind of deal. I was very wrong.

Jeri told me that there was no charge to me and that she (Jeri) would give me tickets to The Comedy Club, a Voucher for Starbucks Coffee shop and I would pick a woman, out of her book, to go out with. If that date didn't work out I could continue to pick until one did work out.

Jeri came to my home and she had me pick out several woman from her book. We discussed the ones that she thought were a good match. I am still waiting for a "date".

Jeri said she needed to take pictures for her book and for the free site (for other women to see me). Jeri proceeded to convince me to pay her a couple of hundred dollars...I admit it...I was *** for falling for her B.S.

My friend was there and she agreed to include him for free. He has received nothing. Jeri did give a couple of tickets to the comedy store (that you can get for free). She claimed she would send my coffee voucher (still waiting), and when I asked about my "date" she claimed I only wanted a 20 year old (another lie).

The free site is hard to find as well and when you do find it... ALMOST ALL the woman DO NOT EXIST on the site. The site even admits, when you look at the profiles, that they have not been on the site for 3+ days. How many days has it been? 10, 20, 50, 100 ??? I reached out to many women, to see what I could learn. I will just say... DON'T TRUST THIS SITE!!!

I tried to get my money back and Jeri just blew me off. I told her to take my pictures down...she is ignoring me. I will be talking to an attorney. What she does, apparently, is get pictures of people and use them for her scam.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "scam artist who lies" of west coast singles online dating and associated monetary loss in the amount of $206. West Coast Singles needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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West Coast singles treated me with the utmost respect and I couldn't be more happy with the service that they provided me

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