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My name is Jeri Smith and I am the owner of West Coast Singles. I started the business here in Sacramento in 1995. I have since brought on another partner. My goal has always been to help singles meet in the Sacramento area and there are many singles who have joined this site who are now married. I feel good about the work I do and I am a Christian who just tries to do what is impressed upon my heart by God and I believe doing this business is his will for my life at this time. I thank Him for the opportunity to serve Him in such a way that brings me happiness. It is a fum business to run and I love it when a see a new marriage of a couple who met through the site. We do not have any credit card over charges and the site was actually free for awhile. We have since found that our members enjoy the fact that all members were prescreened in the past and have gone back to doing so. I encourage singles to join as many sites possible in finding the love of their life and am glad to be just one of the sites out there helping people find their husband or wife.

Be blessed on pupose today : )

Jeri Smith

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How do you live with yourself? I believe you will pay for your lying ways at some point.

to Anonymous #1166139

To bad your ex husband as to try to hurt you on social media.I won't put the reasons why you are on here doing this.

I love my work. I wish you did too. Focus on the good things in life. I love matchmaking.

I always have and I always will.

There are so many couples out there with families and kids because we introduced them.I am so Happy this is my life's calling and that I get to do this job.

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