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When you join you become a member for life. There is NO DELETE Botton and no way to get off. This website has a focus of internet dating in the grater Sacramento area. I would say 90% of the memebers on this dating website are not even active and just collected over the years like me. Every couple of months I send an email or leave a voice mail asking to be removed. The message on the voice mail is from a woman named Jeri ( member #3496 ). I even contacted Midtown Micro that hosts this site in Sacramento and talked to a guy named Chris that said he would pass the message to Jeri. All I ever got from this site was email spam. Stay with the well know industry dating sites and stay away from West Coast Singles. Your computer will thank you for it.

In addition, The Better Business Bureau of Sacramento gives West Coast Singles a rating of "F". Due to sales practice Issues

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How does this woman stay out of jail?


I worked for an entire day and never got paid!!! I called on members to set up photo appointmnets for!

Now, I see that the owner runs this ad in Craigslist: ,CSR/ Fun Job for Online Dating Service/Photograpy Experience a plus (Elk Grove ).

Get paid up front!!!! dont get scammed by this woman!!!!


Be careful of this woman as she is a compulsive liar and can not be trusted. She is a jealous and vindictive person she will go to great depths to hurt people she does not like.

Be careful with your personal information on this web site, she sells the information to 3rd parties, why do you think its free to sign up.


A review of shows that Jeri Smith-Schenk and West Coast Singles have judgements in Sacramento County Courts for credit card overcharges. This is in addition to being a defendent to a bench warrant, breached agreement, unlawful detainer, injuction for harrassment and ordered community service.

It also lists that attorney of record to several cases as Gary Appelblatt who was disbarred and sent to state prison for 18 months. Be careful with your personal information with

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